Endovascular Treatment of a SFA Pseudoaneurysm Secondary to a Type 4 Life Stent Fracture with Stent Deformity and Disconnect using Viabahn Stent Graft

  • Performed Feb 2011
The patient was a 71-year-old male with known diagnoses of PVD, hypertension, dyslipidemia, active smoking, alcohol abuse, and coronary artery disease who initially presented in early 2010 for severe claudication in bilateral lower extremities. His noninvasive studies revealed ABI of 0.3 on the right and 0.59 on the left side. Initial angiogram revealed severe inflow disease with occlusion of the R common iliac, high grade stenosis of the L common iliac, occluded R external iliac with stenoses distally, multiple stenoses of the L external iliac artery, severe calcified plaque disease, and stenosis of the bilateral common femorals.

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    How would other colleagues have approached this case?...
    What about thrombolytic therapy?
    In the CTA shown, the tibial arteries appear severely attenuated, mostly from repeated embolization.

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  • Micropuncture set
    Micropuncture set
    The micropuncture system is great as it allows rapid access, angiographic confirmation of access site and even if the access is redone it reduces the chance of groin hematomas (c/w 18G...

  • 7 Fr 45 cm long sheath
    7 Fr 45 cm long sheath
    Terumo introducers are (in my experience) stiffer, easy to insert and visualizable under fluoroscopy

  • Amplatz wire
    Amplatz wire
    Very stiff wire with a floppy (atraumatic) tip during catheter placement and exchanges in procedures. Great for use in cases like described above, i.e., crossing over aortic...

  • Dorado Balloon
    Dorado Balloon
    Non compliant balloons, Wide range of diameters and lengths. Good use for venous, vein graft stenosis, AV access, and stent cases (e.g. dilatation of stent struts)

  • 0.035-inch standard angled glide wire
    0.035-inch standard angled glide wire
    Glidewires with easy handling; I consider them essential in any endovascular suite armamentarium. Angled and straight tip provide excellent sources to cross CTO's in a transluminal and...

  • Viabahn stent grafts
    Viabahn stent grafts
    Covered stent available in a wide range of diameters and lengths, 0.018 wire compatible, fair radial strength, excellent bail out for cases with ruptured vessels, in stent stenosis, snorkel...

  • LifeStent
    Available in a wide range of diameters and lengths; best for SFA and popliteal uses.


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