Use of the Kittycat Catheter to Cross a Complex Peroneal Occlusion

  • Performed Jun 2011
The patient was a 78-year-old female with noninsulin-dependent diabetes, hypertension, and significant coronary artery disease. She presented with an ulceration on her left third toe. She had noninvasive flow studies, which revealed poor flow to her feet and the ankle brachial index was 0.23. This patient was not a bypass candidate due to medical comorbidities. It was decided to perform an angiogram. Her family history was unknown.

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  • NanoCross Balloon
    NanoCross Balloon
    This is a useful and effective product for angioplasty of tibial vessels. It is very low profile and is able to pass through most lesions and occlusions.

  • Kittycat Catheter
    Kittycat Catheter
    This is a useful and effective product for difficult to cross tibial occlusions.

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    Asahi Grand Slam Wire
    This is a useful and effective product when a stiff 0.014 inch wire is required.


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