Critical Limb Ischemia due to Severe Progressive Infrapopliteal Disease

  • Performed Oct 2011
A 78-year-old female patient, presented with an infected gangrenous patch at the left big toe. She was known to be diabetic and hypertensive on medical treatment. Clinical examination revealed intact femoral and popliteal pulsations at left side but no distal pulsation could be felt. Duplex arterial study for left arterial lower limb and aorta was done and revealed diffuse atherosclerotic changes in the whole arterial tree, but there were significant stenotic and occlusive lesions at the left infra popliteal vessels. The left ankle brachial index was 0.41. Laboratory work up was done and revealed mild rise in the kidney function tests.

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  • Critical Limb Ischemia due to Severe Progressive Infrapopliteal Disease
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  • Hydrophillic Kite wire
    Hydrophillic Kite wire
    A good hydrophilic guide wire with good pushability, trackability and torquability, a good competitor with NITRIX and PT-2 wire, very effective in infra-popliteal disease.

  • Amphirion deep balloon catheter 2-20 mm
    Amphirion deep balloon catheter 2-20 mm
    Very low profile balloon catheter, very intelligent and effective in infra-popliteal disease, used only over 0.014 inch wire.

  • Savvy Long Balloon 3 mm x 15 cm
    Savvy Long Balloon 3 mm x 15 cm
    Low profile smart balloon catheter, available in different sizes with tapered tip, used with 0.018 or 0.014 inch guide wire. It is a good competitor with Ampherion Deep Balloon catheter.

  • 6 Fr Sheath
    6 Fr Sheath
    A good convienent sheath for cannulation of femoral artery, sometime a small skin snipping is required to introduce the sheath across the skin.

  • 0.035 Terumo wire
    0.035 Terumo wire
    It is an ideal starting guide wire to begin any endovascular intervention, very helpful and convenient in case of aortic, femoral or popliteal lesions, but un-useful and may be very...


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