Endovascular Treatment of a Failing Femoro-Distal Bypass

  • Performed Nov 2011
An 83-year-old male was referred from his family physician for rest pain of his left lower limb. Prior to admission, he had undergone several endovascular femoro-crural revascularization procedures including long-segment Nitinol stenting of the femoro-popliteal tract. Eight months ago, the patient had undergone femoro-distal bypass surgery (non-reversed venous bypass grafting with left cephalic vein) due to reocclusion of the femoro-popliteal stent. The vein had been sutured in an end-by-side fashion from the mid-segment superficial femoral artery to the proximal anterior tibial artery. The patient’s risk factor background contained diabetes mellitus with chronic renal insufficiency.

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