CAN (Coronary Aneurysm) Be Fatal

  • Performed Dec 2009
A 57-year-old patient presented to our center with retrosternal chest pain lasting 20 minutes that was not relieved by NTG sublingual and was associated with dyspnea on exertion. He was known to be diabetic and hypertensive for 20 years. He had a past history of bronchial asthma and was Hepatitis C positive. His physical examination was unremarkable. The patient's ECG showed no remarkable changes, while his echo showed SWMA, diastolic dysfunction, and an EF of 45%. Random blood sugar was 340 mg/dl, serum creatinine was 1.6 mg/dl, INR was 1.1, and cardiac enzymes were WNL. Coronary angiography showed a proximal LAD 50% lesion followed by a mid-LAD 80% lesion.

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  • what to do ??
    i am really looking forward for your messages to see what decision you would have taken if u were in my shoes ?? ......
    Mitral Valve Clip Case
    Samir R. Kapadia, MD Director, Sones Cardiac Catheterization Laboratories Director,

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  • PT2 MS PTCA wire
    PT2 MS PTCA wire
    PT2 wire is a very helpful wire in CTO lesions due to its hydrophilic nature.

  • Quantum Maverick non-compliant balloon
    Quantum Maverick non-compliant balloon
    The good apposition of the stents by the Quantum balloon have widened its usage and provided very good results and decrease in rate of stent thrombosis.

  • Maverick Balloon
    Maverick Balloon
    The crossing profile of the Maverick balloon gives it a better chance of crossing CTO lesions.

  • Cypher stent
    Cypher stent
    Due to presence of no tortousity and no calcifications makes the use of Cypher DES quite easy. The late loss of the stent is pretty low, with good deliverability and its long length.

  • Guiding catheters / XB3.5 & JR 4
    Guiding catheters / XB3.5 & JR 4
    J&J guiding catheters are very reliable devices and give a wide range of varieties.


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