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Record and Review lets you begin tracking your blood pressure by recording your systolic, diastolic, and pulse readings. By reviewing your blood pressure trends regularly, see just how successful you can be at living a healthy life.


Keep track of your Meds and when and how often you take them. Create a list of all your medications and set reminders to take them with the medication tracker in My BP Coach.


With My Circle, engage your doctor or other caregiver, a family member, or a close friend. Sharing your blood pressure readings helps you stay on track while helping your doctor and other contacts see how well you're doing.


Short articles and fun-to-watch videos give you what you need to know about blood pressure as well as lifestyle tips. Like what you see? Receive even more lifestyle tips and tricks with our My BP Coach Newsletter!

My BP Coach Approach


IC Sciences' family of health coaching apps inspires users to set goals toward a healthier lifestyle. Through data collection, trending information, articles and videos, and a customized support network, the apps encourage users to make and stick to goals on a path to healthy living.


Our health coaching apps allow users to create a support network that encourages them along their path to healthier living. Doctors, family members, close friends, and other caregivers help users stick to their goals, providing the support they need.

Measure and Track

With the IC Sciences' family of health coach apps, users manage data by entering information manually or via wireless fitness or in-home medical devices. Regularly reviewing data shows users how successful they can be at reaching a healthier lifestyle goal.

Download the My BP Coach App


With IC Sciences' health coaching apps, users share information and data with a network or their doctors to help them stay on track. Trending data can be delivered to their doctors to help manage chronic conditions.

Set Goals

Healthy living is attainable to everyone. Our apps encourage users to set goals, which makes it easier for them to reach that next step . . . reaping the rewards of a healthier life.


Armed with information, users can better understand why making healthy lifestyle choices are a key step to disease prevention. Our family of health coaching apps provides short articles and fun-to-watch videos full of tips on lifestyle changes to give users what they need to know about managing chronic conditions and healthier lifestyle choices.

From Our Doctors

Hello and thank you for your interest in the My BP Coach App.

In the Fall of 2013, Barry Katzen, MD and I decided to team up with IC Sciences Corp in an effort to author and develop the world's most innovative, comprehensive, and useful Blood Pressure Application for your mobile device.

Why did we do this? Today more than 40% of the world's population is affected by mild to severe hypertension or mild to high blood pressure. That's a lot of people. But high blood pressure is controllable, and that is where we as physicians can help guide you to a healthier lifestyle.

The good news is that if you have been diagnosed with high blood pressure, there are a number of things that you can do on your own to manage and control your blood pressure in just a few minutes each day. Follow healthy lifestyle habits to manage your weight, exercise regularly, limit the amount of salt and alcohol you consume, and always strive to eat a healthy diet. And be sure to stick to your medications, if prescribed. Taking your blood pressure on a daily basis is also a big help. In fact, recent studies have shown that measuring your blood pressure at home can help control your blood pressure as well as, if not better than, visits to your doctor. [1]

That's where My BP Coach can be helpful. We have designed our App to include all lifestyles, ages, and diets. With My BP Coach, you can easily record your blood pressure and track your progress, improve your blood pressure control, share your results with your physician and loved ones, receive updates on important blood pressure information and tips on healthy lifestyle habits, set your medication reminders, manage a healthy diet, monitor and track your daily activity, and much more.

So why wait? If you are one of the millions diagnosed with high blood pressure or simply someone who is interested in actively managing yourself to a healthier lifestyle, My BP Coach is designed specifically for you. Download our App for free and start today!

Yours sincerely,

All I.C Sciences' Apps are authored by the nation's leading physicians

Clinically Authored

Based on current clinical guidelines, IC Sciences' family of health coach apps are developed under the guidance of innovative leaders in healthcare. Each app undergoes a rigorous clinical review by our specialty doctors.

Free Cloud Service

All of your information is stored in the Cloud . . . for free. You can access your information anytime, anywhere, from any device. More important, your data is stored securely following HIPAA regulations to make sure your information is always safe.

Device Compatibility

Wirelessly upload information from a wide range of fitness and in-home medical devices, such as blood pressure cuffs, scales, and fitness trackers. Through simple settings, you can instantly connect and sync data from your health device to your health coach app to record the latest information.

Learning Library

Full of useful tips and information on healthy living, the health coach apps' Learning Libraries include short articles and fun-to-watch videos that give you what you need to know about lifestyle changes to keep you on track to a healthier you.


Access data and manage information on any computer at any time. The online dashboards allow doctors to track patient progress and non-clinical users to access and review their information and connections.

Medication Tracking

Keep track of all of your medications and when and how often you take them. Create a list of your medications and set reminders to take them. Keep your list up to date, and use the list to share with your doctor during appointments.

Download the My BP Coach App